Current Conditions

Update on trail conditions at Haliburton Forest for Monday, March 20th, 2017

basecamp-aerial-view-winter 660x300

The entire trailsystem at Haliburton Forest is open and main trails are currently in good spring riding condition. We have retained a solid, hard base with a mix of fresh and  granular snow on top to provide a pleasant ride, some icy corners may be encountered. Some secondary trails have poor and fair sections. All groomers are working. Lakes remain staked but caution is advised, especially since the high winds have blown most snow off the centre and into bays and rows of sheltered sections.

For daily permits snowmobilers are reminded that Haliburton Forest only issues up to 100 of these per day and pre-registration by phone is strongly suggested. ATV use on the trails is permitted during the winter. ATVs are subject to the same rules as snowmobiles.

Dogsled tours are offered on a daily basis.

Here is a view from our webcam at the Haliburton Forest Base Camp.

For reservations, please contact our reservation desk at 705 754 2198.

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