Haliburton Forest Woodshop

The Haliburton Forest WoodShop is your source for everything wood related. All woods used in our facility come exclusively FSC Labelfrom the 80,000 acre Haliburton Forest, Canada's first Forest Stewardship Council® certified, responsible forest (FSC®). Trees selected for harvesting are carefully removed from the forest by horse or machine and processed at our nearby sawmill.

The WoodShop provides customers with anything related to forest products:

  • individually sized, dimensional timbers,
  • lumber of various sizes and species,
  • one of a kind burls
  • featured specialty wood like bird's eye maple, cherry, etc.
  • finished products from bowls and unique or customised furniture to gift items and one-of-a-kind, artistic wooden objects.

The WoodShop specifically caters to custom orders for anything wood related. The selection of lumber and timber used by the WoodShop is as wide as the Forest is large. There are 25 different tree species found at Haliburton Forest, which provide us with everything a wood connoisseur desires: from subtle, light spruces and poplars to stunning red cherry or flaming birch; furthermore visitors will find dark, heavy oaks and ironwoods as well as the amazingly vibrant birdseye or curly maples. Lumber and timber used at the WoodShop is air or kiln dried, depending on the end use.

When visiting the WoodShop don't hesitate to speak to one of our staff about your specific, wood related needs - they will be happy to assist.

In addition to our custom and uniquely onsite crafted wooden products, the WoodShop also offers an extensive collection of European, wooden antiques. 

We look forward to your visit.

Store Hours

Open 7 days a Week from 8 am to 5pm

Year End Holiday opening times:
Dec 24th: 8 am to 2 pm
Dec 25th: closed
Dec 26th: closed


4531 Kennisis Lake Road
Haliburton, Ontario
K0M 1S0

Phone toll free: 1-800-631-2198
Email: woodshop@haliburtonforest.com