Husky Dogs for Adoption 2017

Written by Haliburton Forest
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Retired dog sledding dogs are amazing companions for people and other house pets. If you are not ready for a puppy because they are insane, or you are looking for a companion for another dog, or you just want an adult dog, adopting a sled dog is a great idea!

The dogs we make available for adoption have dedicated their lives to Haliburton Forest as working animals. They absolutely love dog sledding, working, running, and pulling. To give back to them for all of their hard work and love, we want to find them amazing homes and families for the last years of their lives. 

Retired sled dogs should go on numerous daily walks and have that couch or dog bed to sleep on. Retired sled dogs may require some house training. They have lived their lives in a kennel, where their home is their business. With food incentives and gentle reminders, this daunting task can be easy. Many Haliburton Forest staff have a retired sled dog from the kennel and have reported, that house training is easier than expected. 

Retired sled dogs are amazing companions. The Siberian Husky is inherently a “people dog”. These dogs just want to please, play, and sleep. They form wonderful bonds and relationships with their families. 

Come check out our kennel and see if one of our retired dogs are right for you. We will have an information package for you about Siberian Huskies, caring for a dog, and bringing a kennel dog into your home. These dogs mean the world to us and we want them to know it!

Below is a list of all dogs available for adoption this year. Some bonded dogs are only available as a pair. Dogs with no comment behind their name are still available. Click on any image to start a slide show with enlarged pictures.


This guy is always good for a snuggle! Hemlock ran as a lead dog for most of his career, when his “love tank” got too low he would stop the whole tour and demand that staff and/or visitors pet him until he was content to run again. This desire for affection has prompted us to look for a home environment where Hemlock can watch movies with a family while getting a belly rub or an ear scratch. Still very able go hiking or jogging, this guy would make a great friend for someone outdoorsy. Hemlock is 10 years old and has great manners, but needs to be housebroken. Hemlock has been introduced to many people in many different situations including the annual Fall Cottage Life Show.


Hello, my name is Fab and I will draw you in with my beautiful brown eyes. Don’t be fooled, you need to gain my trust before you can pet me. I am looking for an active person or family to adopt me, but please don’t be too loud. I am 11 years young and am ready for the quiet of a home with a comfy couch or bed to share with you. Although I am not housebroken, staff are always happy with the cleanliness of my kennel.



- Adopted, found a good home !
Fae is an 11 year old spayed Siberian Husky who was born at Haliburton Forest. She is a very sweet and shy girl. Fae loves to be around other dogs, and would make a great companion for another dog. As a working dog, Fae chose to take the more relaxed approach because of her shy personality. She would love to go on hikes and walks with you every day. Fae would be a wonderful addition to a home who enjoys being active on a daily basis, yet takes time to relax as well. Fae’s retirement life would look amazing on your couch.


Francis is an 11 year old spayed Siberian Husky who was born at Haliburton Forest. She is a very outgoing and friendly female who loves attention. Francis has a quirky sense of humour in our off-leash kennel. She enjoys being around other dogs and would be a suitable companion for a more calm dog. Francis is a candidate for a couple or family with older children. Francis would love to go on long walks every day and weekend hikes. She is a super cuddly girl who is looking for a couch to retire on. Francis has done basic off-leash work and is reacting and listening well.


Fran is an 11 year old spayed Siberian Husky who was born here at Haliburton Forest. She is a very shy and calm female. In the kennel, Fran takes the backseat as she does not like to draw attention to herself. However, in a loving home, Fran would love to sit at your feet while you cook dinner. Fran would enjoy going on many daily walks in her retirement years to help maintain her exercise. She is a very sweet girl who would appreciate a companion in a home with a big comfy dog bed.  Fran has had an eye condition which would need monitoring.


Fiesta is an 11 year old spayed Siberian Husky who was born at Haliburton Forest. She is a very shy female but loves attention from people. This big, cuddly, red fur ball would enjoy going on walks every day and hikes on the weekends.  Fiesta gets along with other dogs very well and would make a great companion for another dog. In the kennel, Fiesta likes to pick and choose her times to play. But when she does, look out, she is a riot! Fiesta is a joyful girl who is looking for a loving family to allow her retirement years to be full walks to maintain her exercise and treats to keep her happy. 

FireFlameFire and Flame

Fire and Flame are a bonded pair of spayed Siberian Husky sisters born at Haliburton Forest. These sisters are 11 years old and full of love and life. Fire (two brown eyes, darker red) is the more submissive and cautious of the two.  She needs a family, couple, or individual who will take the time to earn her trust. Flame (one brown eye, one blue eye, lighter red) is very shy and calm. These two ladies love to play with each other, sleep with one and other, and eat together. Fire and Flame are looking for a home who has space for two incredible dogs. The ladies would love to go on long walks, adventures, and hikes. They would also like a dog bed right at the end of your bed. 

StormHaileyStorm and Hailey

Storm and Hailey are a bonded pair of spayed Siberian Husky females who are 13 years old. Hailey has been retired for three years now and Storm retired a year ago. Both females were lead dogs which means not only are they smart but they also love to please people. Storm and Hailey would love to learn some new tricks in their retirement home. These two shy females are looking for a loving home where they can play together all day long. Storm and Hailey may sound aged in numbers but they certainly play like puppies. The girls would love to go on daily walks and long hikes on the weekends. Storm and Hailey get along with other dogs really well. Retirement for Storm and Hailey looks amazing with your family.  Storm had one eye removed many years ago due to glaucoma.  Professional monitoring has allowed us to relax about diagnosis in her second eye. 


- Adopted, found a good home !
Lola is a 6 year old spayed female who was born at Haliburton Forest. She is a fun, loving, and attention seeking female. Lola does not really like the work aspect of dogsledding and is seeking a forever home. She would love to be walked many times a day, go on hikes on the weekends, and participate in fun adventures with a family. Lola would require a companion as she has grown up with other dogs for her entire life. She loves other dogs and playing is her number one priority at the kennel. Lola loves to please people and would be easy to train in your house with positive encouragement. Lola has had a short dogsledding career and would easily become accustomed to the retired sled dog life. 


- Adopted, found a good home !
Meila is an 11 year old female Siberian Husky. And she is certainly a people person: she is always the first to greet our guests at the kennel door. Meila loves to run and play with other dogs, people, and we are sure she would love to play fetch. She would do really well at dog parks as she is very social and looks for that playful attention. Meila would love to go on daily walks and would require decent exercise every day. She is a very active dog that would be a welcomed family member into any lively family. Meila is looking for her retirement home but that does not mean that she wants to sit around; this pup will certainly keep you moving!


- Adopted, found a good home !
Quinn is a 10 year old Siberian Husky who joined the Haliburton Forest kennel two years ago. He is a very affectionate male and is looking for his retirement home. Quinn is very social with other dogs but does require other dogs to be more calm during first introductions. He is not necessarily a playful dog, however he would keep a family active by asking for many walks and hikes. Quinn loves being outside and would certainly foster a love for outdoors in a new family. 


- Adopted, found a good home !
Kita is a 10 year old spayed Siberian Husky who joined the Haliburton Forest kennel two years ago. She provided Haliburton Forest with one year of dogsledding before she decided that it was just not her thing. Kita would love a family or couple who will actively take her for walks and hikes. She would be best suited in a single pet home. Kita is fantastic with other dogs but just really loves attention on her own. Kita is a lovely little girl who would love a couch, a kitchen floor, and a calm space for her retirement.  Kita was diagnosed with epilepsy but is easily managed with daily medications. 


Ben is a 12 year old intact Siberian Husky who was born at Haliburton Forest. He spends the majority of his day sunning himself anywhere he can. Ben would be a wonderful companion for another pet as he has spent his entire life with his brothers and playmates. Ben can be very playful when enticed by a younger dog. He would be a great family pet or perfect for a couple looking for another dog. Ben finished his dogsledding career this year as he could not keep up with the speed of the rest of the dogs. He certainly would still continue if he could. This dedicated dog would be a great walking partner and hiking buddy. 


- Adopted, found a good home !
Owen is an 8 year old fixed Alaskan Husky. He joined the Haliburton Forest kennel many years ago. Owen is a very caring dog who seeks attention when other dogs are not around. He is a quiet soul and would be amazing as a single pet in a home. Owen prefers the company of female dogs and adults or older children. He goes out on many dogsledding tours but does not necessarily like to work. This young guy walks beautifully on a leash and has an impeccably clean kennel. In your home, Owen would be a great addition for companionship and an active healthy lifestyle. 


- Adopted, found a good home !
Buddy is a 7 year old Alaskan Husky who joined the Haliburton Forest kennel two years ago. He came to our kennel with a female dog who he got along with really well. Buddy is a playful dog with others who are calm, cool, and collected. Buddy does get along with other dogs but prefers females over males. He would be a great single pet in an active home without young children. Buddy walks well on a leash and would easily learn the “basic” tricks with some food incentive. This young guy would be a great addition to a home that would like to take a dog on their walks and hikes. 


Fir is an 11 year old spayed Siberian Husky who was born at Haliburton Forest. She is a very shy and submissive dog. She is looking for a home without young children and male dogs only. Fir is a very loving creature who will take some time to warm up to. She loves her ears and belly to be rubbed. Fir does not really care for the attention of other dogs but will sometimes initiate play with other males. Her timid nature is very seductive as she will look to her family members for protection and confidence. Fir would love to go on adventures and find new cool places during her retirement years. 




SimonGusSimon and Gus

Simon and Gus are a bonded 12 year old male pair who were born at Haliburton Forest. These two boys are insane work horses. They are so dedicated to their jobs and their meaning. As house pets, Simon and Gus would look to you to learn how to be a house pet and would settle in very easily. Simon and Gus would require harnesses for walking as they enjoy their jobs that much. An outdoor kennel or fenced yard would be most suitable for their retired lifestyle. These boys love exercise. They would need numerous walks a day, weekend hikes, and other adventures to stimulate their working brains. Simon and Gus are extremely playful and enjoy each other’s company more than one can understand. These two boys are best suited in a family who wants to be extremely active. Haliburton Forest can’t nurture their desire to work because they are no longer able to keep up with the team. 


Mini is a 13 year old spayed Siberian Husky who was born at Haliburton Forest. She just completed her career as an amazing sled dog. Now she is looking for her forever retirement home. Mini is a very shy girl who loves attention from people. She is playful with only male dogs as she does not get along with females at all. Mini is a puppy at heart in her playful demeanor and would be best suited in a home that can provide her with other dog interactions frequently. She walks well on a leash and would enjoy daily walks and hikes whenever possible. Mini is a great companion and would make your home a better place to be.


This handsome man is ready to find a “furr-ever” home! Nelson came to Haliburton Forest from a shelter, so we do not know much about the first few years of his life. It is estimated that he is about 12 years old. He has worked on staff as a lead dog - as he is very smart and able to learn many things.  Nelson is available for adoption as he needs more physical and mental stimulation than the retired kennel life can offer. Going out for jogs is Nelson’s favorite activity and is still able to outrun any staff or volunteer. 


- Adopted, found a good home !
Timber is a beautiful fixed Siberian Husky. He seeks attention all day long from staff members and guests in the kennel. When guests come into the kennel they always spot Timber first because he is so beautiful. He is one of our dogs that lead the tours which shows intelligence. Timber loves to be around other female dogs and will initiate play when he is in the mood. Timber would be a great family addition for homes with children and other female dogs. He loves treats, food, and ear rubs. Timber would be a great kitchen helper, walking partner, hiking buddy, and selfie-pal. You would not be able to walk down the street without people ogling at this fella.  Timber was previously a pet and remembers his manners and house training.