As every year in early May so again this year the Haliburton Forest team entered the Wolf Centre enclosure on their annual quest to locate the den, in expectation of a litter of newborn wolf pups. This year we were accompanied by a camera team from Discovery Channel’s Daily Planet program.

A visit to the Wolf Science Centre near Vienna, Austria

Catching up with friends – 2 and 4-legged.

In mid November 2016 we visited the Wolf Science Centre near Vienna, Austria. We had a standing invitation from Dr. Friederike Range, one of the founders and principals of the Centre. In 2012 and again in May 2016 two of Haliburton Forest’s wolf pups were sent to Vienna to populate the centre’s wolf packs. The Wolf Science Center’s mission is to conduct internationally recognised, first-class research on the behaviour and cognition of wolves and dogs, as well as of the interspecific relationships we share with them as humans.

To ring in Canada’s 150th Birthday CAHDS and Haliburton Forest partnered up and thought, you can’t get much more Canadian then hosting a dog sledding event. So in true Haliburton Forest fashion, “Go big or go home!” we will be hosting the 2017 International Federation of Sleddog Sports (IFSS) Winter World Championships. You heard us right. Ontario will be home to the "Olympics of dog sledding" from January 24th to February 1st 2017!

Send us your greatest shots taken at Haliburton Forest, and win some amazing prizes !

You can help us in choosing names for our new Wolf pups - and win one of three Wolf Centre memberships. Do you know any nice names starting with the letter "Q"? The contest runs until mid of October 2016 !

Haliburton Forest is proud to announce the arrival of six new wolf pups

On Tuesday May 3rd 2016, Luna (our Alpha Female) did not show up for her usual social interactions with the rest of the pack. Even a small feeding did not entice her to show up! Our Wolf Centre staff noticed her conspicuous absence, and after 20 years of experience, we knew that this could only mean one thing. Not to mention that the timing was dead on: precisely 63 days after we observed mating in early-March, which is the gestation period for dogs and wolves we could expect to have another litter of pups.