Wolf Center observation room



The drama which unfolded after the criminal release of part of the wolf pack at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Center in January 2013 (click here to read the full story) struck a chord with the public at large: Wolves have been caught in the crossfire of animal rights and animal hate. The criminal release of four captive wolves and the illegal shooting of at least 2 of the animals as well as Haliburton Forest's efforts to reunite its pack have caused the company an economic loss, which we are prepared to carry through the operation of the Wolf Center. We appreciate very much the public concern and willingness to donate to Haliburton Forest, but as a private corporation, we feel it is inappropriate for us to benefit in any way from this tragedy.

But, the actions of people who love wolves to death and those who hate wolves so much that they kill the animal wherever it is encountered, go against everything that the Wolf Center stands for and in fact threaten the foundation on which the Wolf Center is built. The center was established to expose the public to this elusive animal and its world by providing education and information opportunities. Haliburton Forest also offers research prospects about wildlife in general and wolves specifically, recognising that wolves play a key role in the ecology of Ontario's forests.

The wolves at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Center are and have always been ambassadors for the cause of the wolf world-wide. The animals at the Wolf Center have been kept under conditions, which were exemplary by any animal welfare standard as attested to by independent zoo keepers.
In order to prevent what happened to the wolves at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Center in the future, our efforts to educate and conduct meaningful research must be increased. If members of the public want to support these efforts, they are welcome to do so by donating to a fund, the proceeds of which will be entirely disbursed to academic, third party institutions for wolf and wildlife related research and education. We will account for these funds and publish results on the research conducted in our annual WOLVES magazine. Donations in excess of $ 100 will be specifically named, unless otherwise requested.