Wolf Pack Members

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Haliburton Forest Wolf Pack Members - Past and Present


Wolf Trats and pup... was the dominant, alpha male and leader of the wolf pack from 1996 to 2003. Trats died unexpectedly of cancer of the spleen in June of 2003. Trats was 9 years old at the time of his death and was born in the Haliburton Forest enclosure in 1994 as part of the first litter being born at the Wolf Center. In May of 1997 Trats fathered his first litter of pups and continued to breed successfully until his death in 2003.



... was the dominant, alpha female of the pack until 2000. Wen was first introduced to Trats in 1995 at Laurentian University in Sudbury. Wen had her first litter of pups in May of 1997 at Haliburton Forest. Wen was displaced as alpha female by her daughter Hali in May of 2000. Wen died in the summer of 2000


Black wolf Ebony... a black male was born on May 1st of 1998.

His black coat with grey tints around the neck and back area gave him his name.  Ebony assumed Trat's position as alpha male in 2003, losing out to his brother Smudge in 2007.


... is a younger brother to Ebony, born on April 28, 1999 and as his name implies, his coat in younger years was beige in colouration, highlighted by a black overtone. Smudge died in the spring of 2010.


... was a beige female born on May 11th, 2002. Citka assumed the alpha female position during the 2005 mating season, continuing in 2007 with her second set of pups. Unfortunately Citka was unable to produce pups in 2008 and 2009, when she died.

A litter of 6 pups was born to Hali and Trats in May of 2003. Four of these six pups survived and were sent to a licensed wildlife park in Kamloops, BC. 

A litter of 4 pups was born to Ebony and Citka in the spring of 2005. Of these four, only 2 survived the cold and wet spring and were transported to a licensed wildlife facility in Southern Ontario.

 Ginger, Granite and Grisham

... are siblings of the same litter and offspring from Citka and Ebony from 2006. Granite was the alpha female, which was released by criminals and subsequently shot by other criminals, but retrieved after a week, only to die from the wounds sustained.

Wolf HaidaHaida

... was born in May of 2007. His 3 litter mates were transferred to a research facility in Indiana. Haida was the alpha male when released by criminals in early 2013 and today is assumed dead, along with his son, Lonestar, who was born in 2011. Lonestar's brother and littermate, Logan, was shot and his body was stolen shortly after the fences were cut.


For the first time in its 14 year history the pack at the Haliburton Forest Wolf Center did not produce a litter from 2008 - 2010.

 Luna and pupLuna

...was born to Granite and Haida in 2011. One of the oldest survivors of the criminal release in 2013, Luna assumed the alpha position at a very young age and has since bred successfully with Fang, the newcomer brought in to re-establish numbers within the pack.



...sister of Luna from the 2011 litter. A shy, submissive animal; often on the outskirts of the rest of the pack but regularly participates in play sessions with her sisters and nephew.


In late April of 2012 six pups were born to Haida and Granite.  Two of these were transferred within the first 10 days of life to the Wolf Science Center in Vienna, Austria. Unfortunately one pup died within the first month. The names of the remaining pups are Maya, Maple and Molly. Maya passed away in May 2013 after some seizures. 


Maple (black) and Molly (grey)...a playful, spunky member of the 2012 litter born to Haida and Granite. Maple frequently stands over her sisters in an act known as 'bridging'. Maple is quite social, always ready to play, howl or share affection with her pack mates.


...born in 2012, Molly is one of the sisters who did not leave the enclosure during the 2013 criminal release. Molly loves to lounge in the sun with her sisters and routinely entertains visitors by stretching out on her back and exposing her belly.

FangFang howling

After all hopes of retrieving Haida, the old alpha male, or one of his sons vanished, Fang, an unrelated male wolf was introduced to the pack in August of 2013. It took several months for the pack to meld together but the females did accept Fang. Luna and Fang successfully bred in the winter of 2014. Fang has a powerful howl and tends to lead the rest of the pack in vocalizing.

Onyx with moose legOnyx

In May 2014, after 16 months of agonising wait, four new wolf pups were born. Check out this blog post for more details. The only surviving member of the 2014 litter of four, Onyx brings some much needed male diversity to the pack. Born to Fang and Luna and possessing Fang's large size, Onyx also brings some stature.


Pups in a row